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2008 Articles - The Mining Record

12/31/08 - Formation Receives Air Permit Pre-Construction Authorization, "...Read more".

12/30/08 - America West Resources Signs Coal Supply Contract, "...Read more".

12/29/08 - Victoria Gold Closes Business Combination with Gateway Gold Corp. "...Read more".

12/18/08 - Negotiations On Restructuring Plan At East Boulder Mine and Stillwater Mine, "...Read more".

12/15/08 - Results Of 2008 South Eureka Exploration Program, "...Read more".

12/12/08 - Mt. Hope Project On Track For Permitting, "...Read more".

12/11/08 - Mosquito Announces High Grade Silver Intersection At Pine Tree, "...Read more".

12/11/08 - Hecla's Silver Production Increased By 88%, "...Read more".

12/10/08 - Drilling Strengthens Continuity At Fronteer's Northumberland Gold Deposit, "...Read more".

12/10/08 - Hecla Acquires Assets of Independence Lead Mines, "...Read more".

12/09/08 - New Jersey Mining Reports Progress On Toboggan Project, "...Read more".

12/08/08 - Ashdown Mine On Care And Maintenance, "...Read more".

12/05/08 - Northern Dynasty Reports On Pebble Deposit Drilling Results Update, "...Read more".

12/05/08 - Mega Silver Options Eagle Vein Property, "...Read more".

12/05/08 - Exploration Agreement With Barrick On Norma Sass Property, "...Read more".

12/04/08 - Orezone Almost Triples Gold Resource at Bombore, "...Read more".

12/04/08 - Timberline Discovers High-Grade Gold Zone, "...Read more".

12/03/08 - Seabridge Gold's KSM Project Continues to Expand, "...Read more".

12/02/08 - Pacific Rim Mining Divests Denton-Rawhide, "...Read more".

12/02/08 - Drill Program To Commence On Rainy River Claim Block, "...Read more".

12/01/08 - Kinross Gold's Buckhorn Mine Is Now Operational, "...Read more".

12/01/08 - Timberline Forms 50/50 Joint Venture At Butte Highlands, "...Read more".

11/28/08 - Atna Reports Progress at Pinson Gold Project, "...Read more".

11/26/08 - Company-Wide Review of Operations Undertaken At Stillwater, "...Read more".

11/26/08 - Drill Program Completed On Sterling Property, "...Read more".

11/24/08 - Golden Star Announces Wassa Mill 2 Repairs Complete, "...Read more".

11/24/08 - Haile Gold Mine Project NI 43-101 Technical Report, "...Read more".

11/24/08 - Drilling Defines New Gold-Copper Zone at Snowfield, "...Read more".

11/21/08 - Roxmark Extends Molybdenum Mineralization, "...Read more".

11/21/08 - New Gold Zone Discovered East Of Casa Berardi, "...Read more".

11/20/08 - Romarco Intercepts 98 m of 4.9 g/t at Haile, "...Read more".

11/20/08 - Anomalous Gold And Silver In Six Of Eight Holes, "...Read more".

11/20/08 - Mosquito Reports 2192 Feet Grading 1.58% Copper Equivalent, "...Read more".

11/19/08 - Rimfire Completes Drilling at The Walmer Property, "...Read more".

11/19/08 - High Grade Intersects At Homestake Ridge, "...Read more".

11/19/08 - Emgold Receives Draft Environmental Impact Report, "...Read more".

11/19/08 - Wide Intervals of High-Grade Gold at Long Canyon, "...Read more".

11/18/08 - Additional High-grade Silver at Homestake Ridge, "...Read more".

11/18/08 - Southwest Gold Zone Expands at Copperstone, "...Read more".

11/17/08 - Rimfire Commences Drilling At Walmer Property, "...Read more".

11/17/08 - High-Grade Gold Assays From Homestake Ridge, "...Read more".

11/17/08 - Augusta Reports On Progress At Rosemont, "...Read more".

11/17/08 - BLM Publishes Final Regulations, "...Read more".

11/17/08 - Nuinsco Reports On Huston Lake/Marijane Lake, "...Read more".

11/14/08 - Barrick's Gold Production Increased To 1.95 Million Ounces, "...Read more".

11/14/08 - Romarco Expands Haile North Zone, "...Read more".

11/13/08 - Barrick Receives Record of Decision on Cortez Hills, "...Read more".

11/13/08 - Victoria Gold Achieves Important Milestone, "...Read more".

11/13/08 - Duluth Metals Drills Large Corridor Of Higher Grade Mineralization, "...Read more".

11/12/08 - Barrick to Joint Venture Spring Valley Project, "...Read more".

11/11/08 - Columbus Silver Commences Drilling at Silver Dome, "...Read more".

11/10/08 - Avanti Purchases The Kitsault Molybdenum Mine, "...Read more".

11/07/08 - High Grade Intercepts At Mount Polley, "...Read more".

11/05/08 - Drilling Intersects 48.77 Metres of 2.43g/t Gold, "...Read more".

11/05/08 - Drilling Intersects 0.07 opt Gold over 50ft, "...Read more".

11/04/08 - Drilling Encounters More Bonanza Grade Gold, "...Read more".

11/04/08 - AuEx to Retain 49% of Long Canyon, "...Read more".

11/03/08 - Fronteer Hits More Gold 'Off-Trend', "...Read more".

10/31/08 - New Jersey Reports Drilling On Niagara Copper-Silver Deposit, "...Read more".

10/28/08 - Romarco Expands Drilling at Haile Gold Mine, "...Read more".

10/27/08 - 2.75m of 2500 GPT At Homestake Ridge, "...Read more".

10/23/08 - Quadra Commences Operations At Carlota, "...Read more".

10/22/08 - Midway Continues to Expand Gold Zones at Pan, "...Read more".

10/21/08 - Rye Patch Gold Mobilizes Drill Back to Lincoln Hill, "...Read more".

10/17/08 - Mineralization Extended At Santa Fe Gold, "...Read more".

10/16/08 - Phase II Drill Program Completed At Wind Mountain, "...Read more".

10/10/08 - Preliminary Economic Analysis for Its Butte Highlands Gold Project, "...Read more".

10/03/08 - Core Drilling At West Pequop Returns New High-Grade Intercepts, "...Read more".

10/01/08 - Drilling Commences at Atna's Clover Project, "...Read more".

09/30/08 - Atna Commences Drilling at Briggs Gold Mine, "...Read more".

09/26/08 - Capital Gold Commences Deep Drilling Campaign, "...Read more".

09/25/08 - Idaho Cobalt Project 78% Complete For Mine and Mill, "...Read more".

09/24/08 - Hecla Mining Reports Silver Production Increased 60%, "...Read more".

09/24/08 - Wide Mineralized Intervals in the Helen Zone at Cove-McCoy, "...Read more".

09/23/08 - Buckhorn Mine Schedule for Production in October, "...Read more".

09/22/08 - Newmont Initiates Revised Mining Plan at Phoenix Gold Mine, "...Read more".

09/19/08 - Exploration Update On Kittila Project, "...Read more".

09/19/08 - PolyMet and Glencore Sign Strategic Marketing Agreement, "...Read more".

09/18/08 - Progress Continues on Stillwater Mine Transformation Efforts, "...Read more".

09/18/08 - Alaska Voters Validate State's Regulatory Framework for Mining, "...Read more".

09/17/08 - Golden Eagle Property Acquired, "...Read more".

09/17/08 - Barrick Gold's Net Income Increased 22% in Q 2, "...Read more".

09/16/08 - Kinross Succeeds in Bid for Aurelian, "...Read more".

09/16/08 - Unexplored Artic Region To Be Mapped, "...Read more".

09/16/08 - Preliminary Assessment Supports Initial 46,000 ozs/yr, "...Read more".

09/15/08 - 100% Ownership of Iliamna Transferred, "...Read more".

09/15/08 - Drilling at Berta Project Mineralized Intervals, "...Read more".

09/15/08 - Bruce Channel/Red Lake Drill Program, "...Read more".

09/12/08 - Staccato Commences Drilling On South Eureka Property, "...Read more".

09/12/08 - Phase 2 Drilling Completed At Woodjam Property, "...Read more".

09/11/08 - Surface Mapping and Sampling Program on the Raglan Hills, "...Read more".

09/10/08 - Portal Options Three Properties in Nevada, "...Read more".

09/10/08 - Azimut Outlines An Extensive Radioactive Zone, "...Read more".

09/10/08 - Positive Preliminary Assessment on Nichols Ranch Uranium ISR Project, "...Read more".

09/10/08 - High Grade Mineralization At Komahun Project, "...Read more".

09/09/08 - Resource Estimate On Birch Lake Copper-Nickel-PGM Resource, "...Read more".

09/09/08 - Romarco Has Major Resource Increase at Haile, "...Read more".

09/08/08 - Mt. Milligan Environmental Assessment Application Accepted, "...Read more".

09/07/08 - Revett Minerals Reports Operating Results, "...Read more".

09/06/08 - Detour Gold Reports Additional Mineralization, "...Read more".

09/05/08 - Bayswater Expands Drilling Program at Elkhorn Project, "...Read more".

09/04/08 - Victoria Gold To Acquire Gateway Gold Corp., "...Read more".

09/04/08 - Drilling To Commence At Nortoba-Tyson, "...Read more".

09/03/08 - Drill Results From Nickel Laterite Project, "...Read more".

09/02/08 - General Moly Updates Mt. Hope Permitting Progress, "...Read more".

08/29/08 - Bravo Venture Group Inc.: Drilling Resumes at Homestake Ridge, "...Read more".

08/28/08 - Yukon-Nevada Suspends Underground Operations, "...Read more".

08/28/08 - US Gold Outlines Nevada Exploration Program, "...Read more".

08/28/08 - Exploration Results On Detrital Wash Claim Block, "...Read more".

08/27/08 - Ore-Grade Gold Assays at Bates-Hunter Mine, "...Read more".

08/26/08 - Columbus Completes Drilling at Awakening, "...Read more".

08/25/08 - Thompson Creek To Acquire Up To 75% Of Molybdenum Deposit, "...Read more".

08/25/08 - General Moly Enters into Land Lease, "...Read more".

08/22/08 - Fronteer Development Discovers New High-Grade Gold Zone, "...Read more".

08/22/08 - Labrador Nickel Exploration Update, "...Read more".

08/22/08 - Atna Reports Progress at Pinson Gold Project, "...Read more".

08/21/08 - Ashdown Continues To Meet Production Expectations, "...Read more".

08/21/08 - Formation Completes Modified Mine Plan of Operations, "...Read more".

08/20/08 - Wits Basin Executes $45 Million Letter of Intent, "...Read more".

08/20/08 - U.S. Energy Corp. Sells Interest in Sutter Gold Mining, "...Read more".

08/20/08 - All Resources Increase at Pitarrilla's Breccia Ridge Zone, "...Read more".

08/19/08 - Gryphon Gold Reports On Progress At Boreallis, "...Read more".

08/18/08 - ValGold Completes Acquisition of Tower Mountain Property, "...Read more".

08/18/08 - J-Pacific Releases Technical Report and Drill Data, "...Read more".

08/17/08 - Victory Nickel Announces Offer for Independent Nickel, "...Read more".

08/15/08 - Mining Permit Application On Flagstaff Property, "...Read more".

08/14/08 - Lincoln Hill-Gold Ridge Drilling Complete, "...Read more".

07/22/08 - Mosquito Focusing On Higher-Grade Ore Of 1.1 Billion Tons, "...Read more".

07/21/08 - 6.4 Meters Of 40.1 g/t Gold At Jerritt Canyon Intersected, "...Read more".

07/18/08 - Columbus Gold Commences Drilling at Awakening, "...Read more".

07/17/08 - New Gold Completes US$1.6 Billion Business Combination, "...Read more".

07/17/08 - Drilling Commences at Trend Gold Project, "...Read more".

07/16/08 - New Jersey Mining Stakes New Gold Property, "...Read more".

07/15/08 - Montanore Hard Rock Mining Impact Plan, "...Read more".

07/14/08 - Great Basin Gold's Hollister Mine Initiates Production, "...Read more".

07/11/08 - Quadra Increases 2008 Production Guidance, "...Read more".

07/10/08 - Sierra Gold To Increase Production, "...Read more".

07/03/08 - Fronteer Finalizes Newmont Deal, "...Read more".

06/27/08 - Drill Program Begins At Gold Hill Molybdenum Project, "...Read more".

06/27/08 - Drill Program Starts at Woewodski Island Project, "...Read more".

06/26/08 - Portal Terminates Slick Rock Option, "...Read more".

06/25/08 - Portal Completes Drilling on Slick Rock Uranium Project, "...Read more".

06/25/08 - Additional Encouraging Assays From East Manhattan, "...Read more".

06/25/08 - Option Agreement On Taurus Property, "...Read more".

06/23/08 - Northumberland Gold Deposit Increases in, "...Read more".

06/20/08 - Sterling Mining Issues Update, "...Read more".

06/19/08 - Sultan Minerals Intersects High Grade Molybdenum Veins, "...Read more".

06/19/08 - Golden Phoenix Minerals Major Production Advances, "...Read more".

06/19/08 - Franconia Earns 60% Interest in Birch Lake Project, "...Read more".

06/19/08 - American Bonanza Corporate Update, "...Read more".

06/18/08 - Positive Results From Initial Bulk Sampling at Golden Summit, "...Read more".

06/18/08 - Staccato Gold Reports On Its South Eureka Property, "...Read more".

06/17/08 - Drilling Starts At The Robertson Property, "...Read more".

06/16/08 - Gateway Gold Commences Drilling on Santa Fe Property, "...Read more".

06/16/08 - Agnico-Eagle Vests 51% at West Pequop and Elects to Carry AuEx to Earn, "...Read more".

06/13/08 - Silver Reserve Reported Drill Indicated Resource, "...Read more".

06/12/08 - Federal Court of Appeal Reverses Lower Court Ruling, "...Read more".

06/11/08 - Strategies For Copper Reserves Replacement, "...Read more".

06/10/08 - Significant Copper In Second Phase of Drilling at Bisbee, "...Read more".

06/09/08 - Primary Copper Mineralization Intersected At MacArthur, "...Read more".

06/08/08 - American Bonanza Advancing Copperstone Mine Development, "...Read more".

06/06/08 - Timberline to Initiate Preliminary Scoping Study, "...Read more".

06/06/08 - Dynamite Resources to Begin Next Phase of Drilling, "...Read more".

06/06/08 - Copper Production At Mineral Park Operation, "...Read more".

06/05/08 - Gryphon Gold Enters Into Letter of Intent, "...Read more".

06/04/08 - Freegold Readies for Summer Drilling, "...Read more".

06/02/08 - Encouraging Assays At East Manhattan, "...Read more".

05/30/08 - Drilling At Burro Creek Gold/Silver Property, Arizona, "...Read more".

05/30/08 - Taylor Silver Project Permitting, "...Read more".

05/29/08 - Thick Gold Intercept At Wind Mountain Project, "...Read more".

05/28/08 - Radon Survey at Moonshine Springs, Arizona, "...Read more".

05/28/08 - Expanded Drill Program At Copper Mountain Project, "...Read more".

05/27/08 - Status of Berezitovy Gold Mine Commissioning, "...Read more".

05/27/08 - Compromise Reached On Buckhorn Mountain, "...Read more".

05/26/08 - Engineering And Procurement Status At Cobalt, "...Read more".

05/26/08 - Hecla Completes Acquisition Of Greens Creek, "...Read more".

05/26/08 - Columbus Gold Reports On Project Activities, "...Read more".

05/23/08 - Hecla Mining Reports Increased Income And Gross Profit, "...Read more".

05/23/08 - Columbus Gold Acquires Nevada Gold Property' "...Read more".

05/23/08 - Copper Production At Mineral Park Operation, "...Read more".

05/22/08 - Drilling Continues At Mineral Ridge, "...Read more".

05/22/08 - Bravo Develops Infrastructure At Homestake Ridge Property, "...Read more".

05/22/08 - Silver Reserve Reported Drill Indicated Resource, "...Read more".

05/21/08 - Gryphon Gold Enters Into Letter of Intent, "...Read more".

05/21/08 - Order Placed For Mt. Hope Molybdenum Roaster, "...Read more".

05/21/08 - Bald Butte Drilling Continues To Expand Mineralization, "...Read more".

05/20/08 - Mineralization Extended At SSX Mines/Steer Mine, "...Read more".

05/20/08 - General Moly Completes Pre-Feasibility Study, "...Read more".

05/20/08 - Barrick's Net Income Rises 29% to $514 Million, "...Read more".

05/19/08 - Intention To Phase Out Custom Milling At Jerritt Canyon, "...Read more".

05/19/08 - Preliminary Assessment Study on Big Springs Project, "...Read more".

05/19/08 - Exploration Continues On AuEx Properties, "...Read more".

05/19/08 - Drilling Resumes at Long Canyon, "...Read more".

05/16/08 - Carlota Scheduled Fo Production In 4Q, "...Read more".

05/16/08 - Gryphon Gold Enters Joint Venture Agreement With New Dimension Resources in Western Nevada, "...Read more".

05/16/08 - Atna Drilling Extends Gold Mineralization at Briggs Mine, "...Read more".

05/16/08 - Accelerated Development at Pinson Gold Project, "...Read more".

05/16/08 - Gateway Options Advanced Gold Property in Prolific Walker Lane Terrain From Barrick Subsidiary, "...Read more".

05/16/08 - Silver Wheaton to Acquire 45% Production From Rosemont, "...Read more".

05/15/08 - Galway Resources files scoping study for Victorio molybdenum-tungsten project, "...Read more".

05/15/08 - JV To Conduct Precious Metals Recovery Studies, "...Read more".

05/15/08 - Redstar Intersects New Bulk Tonnage Gold System, "...Read more".

05/14/08 - Technical Report Recommends Development, "...Read more".

05/14/08 - Option Agreement to Sell Its Timmins Nickel Project, "...Read more".

05/13/08 - Continued Success at 3.3 Million Ounce Westwood Project, "...Read more".

05/13/08 - Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization discovered on PFN's Tonsina Property, "...Read more".

05/12/08 - Pre-Feasibility Study for Elliot Lake Uranium Mine, "...Read more".

05/12/08 - Newmont Has Strong First Quarter Results, "...Read more".

05/09/08 - Nevada Continues To Be Nation's Top Gold Producer, "...Read more".

05/08/08 - Majuba Drilling and Field Program Underway, "...Read more".

05/06/08 - HudBay Updates Drill Results for Lalor Lake, "...Read more".

05/05/08 - Gryphon to Report New Resource Calculation, "...Read more".

05/04/08 - Silver Wheaton Acquiring Mercator's Silver Production, "...Read more".

05/04/08 - Imperial Reports Extension of 144 Zone, "...Read more".

05/04/08 - Drilling Continues to Intersect New Gold/Moly Occurrences, "...Read more".

05/02/08 - Thompson Creek Reported On Davidson Deposit Feasibility Study' "...Read more".

05/02/08 - Drilling Completed On Midway East Project, "...Read more".

05/01/08 - Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program At Lucky Jack, "...Read more".

05/01/08 - Drill Program Commences On Blackrock Project, "...Read more".

05/01/08 - Technical Report Recommends Development, "...Read more".

04/30/08 - Atna and Canyon Announce Closing of Merger, "...Read more".

04/29/08 - Barrick Completes Acquisition of Cortez Property, "...Read more".

04/25/08 - Reserves Increased At Jerritt Canyon Mine, "...Read more".

04/24/08 - Jerritt Canyon To Produce 120,000 Ounces Of Gold, "...Read more".

04/23/08 - Increase In Grade Of Resource At Ketza River, "...Read more".

04/22/08 - Redhawk Intersects 840 Feet of 1.79% Copper Equivalent, "...Read more".

04/21/08 - New Dimension Options San Francisco Property, "...Read more".

04/18/08 - Lead-Zinc and Gold Intersected At Jersey-Emerald Property, "...Read more".

04/16/08 - New Jersey Mining Forms Joint Venture With Newmont, "...Read more".

04/15/08 - Significant New Gold/Silver Zone At Wind Mountain, "...Read more".

04/14/08 - Coral Gold Secures Drilling Contract, "...Read more".

04/11/08 - General Moly Continues To Place Long-Lead Equipment Orders, "...Read more".

04/10/08 - Franconia Launches New Drill Program, "...Read more".

04/09/08 - Montanore Project's 1993 Operating Permit Confirmed, "...Read more".

04/08/08 - Fortune River Begins Drilling On Nevada Projects, "...Read more".

04/07/08 - Thompson Creek Reports Approval For Endako Expansion, "...Read more".

04/04/08 - $3 Million Exploration Program On Homestake Ridge, "...Read more".

04/03/08 - Canyon Reports Positive Cecil R Drilling, "...Read more".

04/02/08 - Drilling Completed On The Evans Mine Portion Of Dixie Flats Project, "...Read more".

04/01/08 - Formation Capital Receives Annexation Approval, "...Read more".

03/26/08 - Gold Reserves And Resources At Record Level "...Read more".

03/25/08 - American Bonanza And Gryphon Gold Sign LOI "...Read more".

03/24/08 - Underground Sampling Returns Bonanza Gold Grades "... Read more".

03/24/08 - Arch Coal Reported Full Year 2007 Results "...Read more".

03/21/08 - Molybdenum Deposit Increased At Cannivan Gulch "...Read more".

03/21/08 - Pan American Achieved Record Production "...Read more".

03/20/08 - Infrastructure Upgrades at the French Gulch Mine "...Read more".

03/19/08 - Underground Mine Design Study For Briggs Mine "...Read more".

03/18/08 - 110% Increase In Robertson's Inferred Gold Resource "...Read more".

03/09/08 - Freegold Adds Strategic Land Holding "...Read more".

03/07/08 - Drilling Intercepts 170 Feet Of Tungsten Mineralization "...Read more".

03/06/08 - LOI Signed To Advance Sandman Gold Project "...Read more".

03/06/08 - General Moly Awards Mt. Hope EPCM Contract "...Read more".

03/04/08 - Fury Completes Taylor Acquisition "...Read more".

03/03/08 - Drilling Extends Strike Of High-Grade Gold At Long Canyon "...Read more".

03/03/08 - Anamalous Gold Values At Quarter Horse Jerritt Canyon Nevada "...Read more".

Royal Gold Reports Record Revenues "...Read more".

$1 Million Budget For Drill Program On Goodnews Platinum Project "...Read more".

Gibraltar Concentrator Facility Commissioned "...Read more".

Molybdenum Exploration Program Approved "...Read more".

02/29/08 - Stage 1 Drill Results At Hartford Complex "...Read more".

02/29/08 - Continuity Of Mineralization At Imperials Bear Property "...Read more".

02/28/08 - Hecla to Acquire Assets of Independence Lead Mines "...Read more".

02/26/08 - Kinross Provides Outlook for 2008 and 2009 "...Read more".

02/25/08 - Little Squaw Reports Drill Results At Chandalar "...Read more".

02/25/08 - Mexivada Options Jefferson Gold/Silver Project "...Read more".

02/22/08 - New Dimension Options Trend Gold Property "...Read more".

02/20/08 - New Jersey Mining And Newmont Propose to Form Joint Venture "...Read more".

02/19/08 - Newmont Sells 5.3 Million Equity Ounces of Gold in 2007 "...Read more".

02/18/08 - $1 Million Budget For Drill Program On Goodnews Platinum Project "...Read more".

02/02/08 - Peabody Energy Set New Company Mark "...Read more".

02/01/08 - Pele Mountain Acquires Westward Extension Of The Murphy Gold Mine "...Read more".

01/28/08 - VTEM Survey Completed At Elliot Lake "...Read more".

01/27/08 - Permitting On Slick Rock Uranium Project "...Read more".

01/25/08 - Quaterra Expands Copper Zone at MacArthur "...Read more".

01/21/08 - Strong Visible Copper Mineralization At Copper Creek "...Read more".

01/20/08 - Phase II Drilling Underway At North Bullfrog Project "...Read more".

01/19/08 - Romarco Intercepts 46 Meter Zone of 5.7 g/t at Haile "...Read more".

01/18/08 - Evolving Gold Continues Aggressive Drilling Programs

VANCOUVER, BC - Evolving Gold Corp. reported its exploration progress to date and plans for its 2008 program of exploration drilling on its portfolio of gold projects Click here to read more

01/18/08 - Clearwater Project Drilling Completed

TORONTO - Eastmain Resources Inc. reported that visible gold has been identified in 55 intersections from holes completed Click here to read more

01/17/08 - Quadra Reports 2007 4Th Quarter And Annual Production Results

VANCOUVER - Quadra Mining Ltd. reported 2007 fourth quarter and annual production results from its 100% owned Robinson Mine located in Ely, Nevada. Click here to read more

01/17/08 - Completed Biological Assessment At Idaho Cobalt Project

VANCOUVER, BC - Formation Capital Corporation reported that its wholly owned subsidiary, Formation Capital Corporation, U.S. located in Salmon, Idaho, Click here to read more

01/17/08 - Gold Fields Options Two Carlin Trend Properties

VANCOUVER, BC - Redstar Gold Corp. reported the signing of two letter agreements with Gold Fields Netherlands Services BV, a subsidiary of Gold Fields Ltd. Click here to read more 

01/16/08 - Taranis Commences Drilling at Midway East Project

LAKEWOOD, CO - Taranis Resources Inc. reported that it has initiated drilling on its 100% owned Midway East Project located in Nye County, Nevada. Click here to read more

01/15/08 - Gryphon Gold Summary of the Borealis Exploration Program

VANCOUVER , BC - Gryphon Gold Corporation reported its near term exploration plans and summarizes the last year of drilling and geophysical investigations at its Borealis Click here to read more

01/14/08 - Timberline Receives Permits to Drill Conglomerate Mesa "...Read more".

01/14/08 - Mesa Uranium Drills Significant U3O8 in Arizona

VANCOUVER, BC - Mesa Uranium Corp. reported that new drilling has intersected significant uranium at the 100%-owned Moonshine Springs uranium property in Northwestern Arizona. Click here to read more

01/13/08 - Timberline Proceeding With Acquisition Of SMD "...Read more".

01/12/08 - Victory Nickel Begins 10,000 m of Drilling At Minago "...Read more".

01/11/08 - Fury and Golden Predator Agree to Merger

VANCOUVER, BC - Fury Explorations Ltd. and Golden Predator Mines, Inc. reported the signing of a letter of intent ("LOI") dated December 2007 whereby the companies have agreed Click here to read more

01/10/08 - AuEx Ventures, Inc.: Long Canyon Core Hole Returns 75 Feet of 0.39 Ounce Per Ton

VANCOUVER, BC - AuEx Ventures, Inc. reported a new high-grade gold intercept of 75 feet grading 0.391 ounces of gold per ton (opt) extending gold mineralization in the Main Click here to read more

01/09/08 - Victory Nickel Expands Land Position "...Read more".

01/09/08 - Mountain Top Yields 30 Feet At 0.280 Ounce Per Ton

RENO, NV - AuEx Ventures, Inc. reported additional assay results from the West Pequop 2007 drill program. WNC-101, the first hole drilled in the Mountain Top target, Click here to read more

01/08/08 - Resource Estimate For Wind Mountain Received

VANCOUVER, BC - Fortune River Resource Corp. reported that it has received a NI 43-101 compliant Technical Report for the Wind Mountain Au-Ag deposit in Nevada's Click here to read more

01//07/08 - Drilling Campaign To Commence At Mineral Ridge

SPARKS, NV - Golden Phoenix Minerals, Inc. reported that its Technical Services Group has completed planning for the first phase of exploratory drilling aimed at increasing Click here to read more

01//07/08 - Redstar Acquires Mayflower Property


01/04/08 - New Jersey Mining Company Acquires Another Copper-Silver Property

KELLOGG, ID - New Jersey Mining Company recently completed an agreement to acquire a copper-silver exploration prospect found in the Revett formation known as the Copper Click here to read more

01/03 - New Resource Study Planned

TORONTO, ON - Aquila Resources plans for continued exploration and development activities at the Back Forty Project in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The Click here to read more


VANCOUVER, BC - Gateway Gold Corp. reported that it has entered into an Option Agreement on the Company's Island Mountain property in Elko County, northeastern Click here to read more

VANCOUVER, BC - Redstar Gold Corp. reported the addition of the Mayflower mine to its North Bullfrog project in southwestern Nevada. The new acquisition Click here to read more
01/02/08 - Gateway Farms Out Island Mountain Gold Property


COEUR D'ALENE, ID - Hecla Mining Company (reported increased income, gross profit and cash flow for the third quarter of 2007 compared to the same quarter a year ago.  Click here to read more