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2008 Articles - Latin America Mining Record

12/31/08 - US Gold Intersects Impressive High-Grade, "...Read more".

12/30/08 - New High-Grade Assays At La Josefina, "...Read more".

12/29/08 - Seabridge Gold Completes Sale of Noche Buena, " more".

12/29/08 - Duran Ventures Receives C Permit, "...Read more".

12/10/08 - Kinross to acquire 100% interest in Lobo-Marte, "...Read more".

12/08/08 - Trevali Receives Results On Santander Project, "...Read more".

11/28/08 - Ecuador Votes in Favour of New Constitution, "...Read more".

11/25/08 - Yale Stakes New Mexican Property, "...Read more".

11/21/08 - Silver Dragon Acquires Mill, Seeks to Begin Production At Cerro las Minitas, "...Read more".

11/20/08 - Avino Receives Mining Permits, "...Read more".

11/18/08 - High-Grade Coarse Gold Discovered At Pucara, "...Read more".

11/18/08 - Geologix Discovers Additional Zone Of Bonanza Grades, "...Read more".

11/14/08 - Farallon Initiates Off-Take Agreement With Trafigura, "...Read more".

11/13/08 - Gold Resource Intercepts 1.2M of 83.10 G/T Gold, "...Read more".

11/11/08 - Minefinders Commences Leaching at the Dolores Mine, "...Read more".

11/07/08 - Creston Moly Receives New Resource Estimate, "...Read more".

11/05/08 - Ecuador Government Grants License, "...Read more".

11/03/08 - Discovery Of New High Grade Silver Zone At Morococha Mine, "...Read more".

11/02/08 - Q3 Gold Production and Revenue Increased 72%, "...Read more".

11/01/08 - Record Gold Production At Its El Chanate Mine, "...Read more".

10/31/08 - Positive Results Expected in Ecuador's Constitutional Referendum, "...Read more".

10/29/08 - Resource Estimate Of 922 Million Tons Of Copper, "...Read more".

10/28/08 - Seabridge Gold Agrees to Sell Noche Buena, "...Read more".

10/27/08 - Gold Fields Commences Drilling on GoldQuest Projects, "...Read more".

10/24/08 - Camp Morado Mine And Mill Operational, "...Read more".

10/21/08 - Work Resumes On Potaro-Maple Creek Gold Project, "...Read more".

10/20/08 - Exploration Activities At Aguila Pasacancha, "...Read more".

10/15/08 - Paramount Gold and Silver Corp. Acquires 100% Interest in its San Miguel, "...Read more".

10/14/08 - Esperanza Announces Initial Cerro Jumil Gold Resource, "...Read more".

10/13/08 - High Grade Gold & Silver Discoveries at Uruachic, "...Read more".

10/10/08 - High-Grade Assays from La Josefina, "...Read more".

10/08/08 - Caza Gold Options Los Angeles Gold Properties in Chihuahua, "...Read more".

10/07/08 - Guanaco Acquires Concessions In Chile, "...Read more".

10/03/08 - Results Continue to Extend Main Zone, "...Read more".

10/02/08 - Exploration Drilling Close To San Gregorio Mine, "...Read more".

09/30/08 - EXMIN Options East Durango Property to Quaterra Resources, "...Read More".

09/29/08 - Candente Discovers a Second Copper-Gold Porphyry, "...Read more".

07/22/08 - Positive Drilling At Palmarito Project, "...Read more".

07/22/08 - New Dimension Acquires Gold-Copper Project, "...Read more".

07/22/08 - Metallica Signs Option Agreement For Rio Figueroa Project, "...Read more".

07/21/08 - Amera Options Cercana Porphyry Copper Property, "...Read more".

07/18/08 - Drilliing Intersects Significant Silver Values, "...Read more".

07/18/08 - Mirasol Increases Land Holding At Espejo, "...Read more".

07/17/08 - High Grade Silver Mineralization on San Pedro Properties, "...Read more".

07/16/08 - Significant Grades At Cerro Colorado, "...Read more".

07/15/08 - Duran Ventures and MacMillan Gold Report On Ancash Target, "...Read more".

07/14/08 - Significant Sulphide Body At Santander Project, "...Read more".

07/14/08 - Linear Metals Intersects High Grade Copper-Silver, "...Read more".

07/14/08 - Golden Arrow Completes Drilling on San Jose, "...Read more".

07/11/08 - Exploration Increases Size Of Los Azules Target, "...Read more".

07/10/08 - Drilling Intercepts Apparent Native Copper, "...Read more".

07/10/08 - UG Decline And Mill Facilities Substantially Complete, "...Read more".

07/03/08 - Espejo Project Geophysical Program Completed, "...Read more".

07/02/08 - Hecla Reports Sale of Venezuelan Gold Properties, "...Read more".

07/01/08 - High Grade Silver Mineralization on San Pedro Properties, "...Read more".

06/30/08 - Linear Metals Intersects High Grade Copper-Silver, "...Read more".

06/27/08 - Paramount and Silver Corp. Expands Its San Miguel Project, "...Read more".

06/26/08 - Linear Reports Initial Mineral Resource Estimate, "...Read more".

06/25/08 - IMPACT Silver Updates Production At The Chivo Mine, "...Read more".

06/24/08 - Initial Production Estimates for the Dolores Mine, "...Read more."

06/23/08 - Drill Results Extend 'Clavo 99' Along Strike, "...Read more".

06/19/08 - Crystallex Files Rebuttal to Minister of Environment, "...Read more".

06/18/08 - Metallica Signs Option Agreement For Rio Figueroa Project, "...Read more".

06/17/08 - Clavo 99 Extends To A Width Of 650 Meters, "...Read more".

05/30/08 - Drill Program At Cerro Colorado, "...Read more".

05/27/08 - Silver Standard Increases Pirquitas Silver Reserves by 43%, "...Read more".

05/26/08 - Drill Results Extend 'Clavo 99' Along Strike, "...Read more".

05/23/08 - Quadra Acquires Land Options For Sierra Gorda, "...Read more".

05/22/08 - Linear Reports Initial Mineral Resource Estimate, "...Read more".

05/21/08 - Geologix Discovers A New Zone Of High Grade Mineralization, "...Read more".

05/20/08 - New Resource Estimate To Be Prepared For San Luis, "...Read more".

05/19/08 - San Gonzalo Vein Yields 93% Silver Recovery, "...Read more".

05/15/08 - Scoping and Feasibilty Studies for Choco 10, "...Read more".

05/14/08 - Brazauro to Acquire Bom Jardim Property, "...Read more".

05/13/08 - Best Drill Results to Date at G-9 Deposit, "...Read more".

05/12/08 - Paramount Enters Into Strategic Alliance With Mexoro, "...Read more".

05/09/08 - Mining Companies Meet With President Correa, "...Read more".

05/07/08 - IAMGOLD Enters Agreement To Sale of La Arena, "...Read more".

05/06/08 - EXMIN/AmMex Commence Drilling at Cerro Gordo Project, "...Read more".

05/05/08 - Eaglecrest Reports Highest Gold Grade Thickness, "...Read more".

05/05/08 - Significant New Mining Concessions Leased, "...Read more".

05/01/08 - Silver Wheaton Acquires 75% of Life of Mine Silver Production, "...Read more".

04/30/08 - Geophysical Program On Cocha Copper-Silver-Gold Project, "...Read more".

04/30/08 - 1.69 oz/ton gold and 37 oz/ton silver from San Jose drilling, "...Read more".

04/28/08 - New Gold Discovery in Dominican Republic, "...Read more".

04/23/08 - First Phase Drilling Program Completed At Taviche Project, "...Read more".

04/21/08 - Eaglecrest Begins Drilling on Third Gold Shoot at San Simon, "...Read more".

04/21/08 - Solitario Quadruples Pedra Branca Land Holdings, "...Read more".

04/17/08 -High Grade Silver-Gold-Lead At Cerro Plomo, "...Read more".

04/17/08 - Cerro Bayo Produced 1.7 Million Ounces Of Silver, "...Read more".

04/14/08 - 25,150 Ounces Produced for Third Quarter of 2007/08, "...Read more".

04/11/08 - New Zone Of Mineralization At Nieves Project, "...Read more".

04/09/08 - Follow Up Drill Program at El Reventon Silver Project, "...Read more".

04/09/08 - Exploration Continues At Moris Mine, "...Read more".

04/09/08 - Mill Near Completion At Martha, "...Read more".

04/09/08 - Positive Initial Gold Mineral Resource Estimate For Los Patos, "...Read more".

04/04/08 - EXMIN Expands Polymetallic Mineralization, "...Read more".

04/03/08 - Option Agreement on Regalo Gold Property, "...Read more".

04/03/08 - Pueblo Viejo Project Moves Forward-, "...Read more".

04/02/08 - Corporate and Canariaco Project Update, "...Read more".

04/01/08 - AuEx Acquires Projects in Santa Cruz Province, "...Read more".

03/29/08 - High-Grade Satellite Deposit Delineated, "...Read more".

03/27/08 - Cerro Chacuaco Zone Planned For Next Phase of Diamond Drilling, "...Read more".

03/26/08 - Drilling Program Commences at Pinaya Gold-Copper Project, "...Read more".

03/24/08 - Ausenco Acquires Sandwell And Vector Engineering, "...Read more".

03/19/08 - Pre-Commissioning of San Bartolome Silver Mine, "...Read more".

03/19/08 - Amera Options Three Gold Projects, "...Read more".

03/13/08 - Duran And MacMillan Expand Exploration Land Position, "...Read more".

03/12/08 - Cerro San Pedro Production Leavels On Track, "...Read more".

03/11/08 - Construction Proceeding At Paracatu Expansion, "...Read more".

03/11/08 - Potential New Gold Zone At Cerro Jumil, "...Read more".

03/07/08 - Paramount Extends Southern Limit of 'Clavo 99', "...Read more".

03/06/08 - Phase I Drill Program Underway on San Jose Gold Project, "...Read more".

03/05/08 - Apex Silver Reports Operations Update At san Cristobal, "...Read more".

03/04/08 - Exploration Program To Commence On Caya Gold Target, "...Read more".

03/03/08 - New Billion Tonne Copper Resource at Quebrada Blanca, "...Read more".

03/02/08 - Yale Completes Preliminary Metallurgical Studies, "...Read more".

02/29/08 - Avino Moves Toward Early Production "...Read more".

02/29/08 - Initial Flotation Results for the Canariaco Norte Copper Deposit "...Read more".

02/28/08 - Preliminary Economic Assessment Completed for San Javier "...Read more".

02/25/08 - IMPACT Silver Announces Acquisition of Third Mill "...Read more".

02/22/08 - IMPACT Acquires Third Mill In Mexico "...Read more".

02/18/08 - 23% Resource Expansion at Casposo Project "...Read more".

02/07/08 - Drilling Continues On Peruvian Proposition "...Read more".

01/29/08 - Metallica Resources Increases Gold Production "...Read more".

01/25/08 - Minera Andes Announces Drilling Commences At Los Azules "...Read more".

01/17/08 - Mirasol Acquires Additional Mineral Concessions "...Read more".

01/16/08 - High Grade Gold and Silver Results At San Miguel Vein "...Read more".

01/11/08 - Aggressive Exploration Program In Sinaloa "...Read more".

01/10/08 - Phase II Exploration At Carol Property"...Read more".

01/08/08 - Positive Results From At La Verde "...Read more".