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2009 Articles - Latin America Mining Record

12/31/09 - Minefinders Consolidates La Virginia District

VANCOUVER, BC - Minefinders Corporation Ltd. reported consolidation of all mineral rights and surface rights necessary to drill and test the La, "...Read more".

12/30/09 - Golden Arrow Options Purulla Project

VANCOUVER - Golden Arrow Resources Corporation reported that it has entered into an option agreement with a private Argentinean claim owner to earn an undivided, "...Read more".

12/28/09 - 43-101 Compliant Tocantinzinho Resource Estimate

HOUSTON, TX - Brazauro Resources Corp. reported an NI 43-101-compliant resource update at its 100%-owned Tocantinzinho Gold Project (TZ) in the Tapajos region, "...Read more".

12/28/09 - Yale Samples 2.02 g/t Au And 31.2 g/t Ag

VANCOUVER, BC - Yale Resources Ltd. reported results from the ongoing work program at the 100% owned Orofino Project. "...Read more".

12/22/09 - Vena Moves Azulcocha Project to Development Phase

TORONTO, ON - Vena Resources Inc. reported that planning is in progress with a partner to begin a pilot test program and final economic assessment of the,"...Read more".

12/21/09 - Drill Program at Esquilache Gold/Silver/Copper Property

TORONTO, ON - Vena Resources Inc. reported that a 3,000 meter drill program will commence on the Esquilache polymetallic property in Puno, Peru. A contract,"...Read more".

12/21/09 - Dorato Further Defines Lucero Discovery

VANCOUVER, BC - Dorato Resources Inc. reported the receipt of follow-up rock assay results received from Minera Afrodita relating to the high priority Lucero,"...Read more".

12/20/09 - Eaglecrest Prepares Drilling Plans, Extends Surface Gold

VANCOUVER, BC - Eaglecrest Explorations Ltd. reported the expansion of the surface high-grade gold zone at the Buriti area of the San Simon project in,"...Read more".

12/18/09 - Esperanza Begins Cerro Jumil Expansion Drill Program

VANCOUVER, BC - Esperanza Silver Corp. reported that it has begun a new drill campaign at its wholly-owned Cerro Jumil gold project in Morelos State, Mexico."...Read more".

12/18/09 - Shoreham Farms Out Five Star Property In Guyana

LANGLEY, CANADA - Shoreham Resources Ltd. that, subject to acceptance by the TSX Venture Exchange, the Company has signed a Letter of Intent ("LOI") with, "...Read more".


12/18/09 - Shoreham Farms Out Five Star Property In Guyana, "...Read more".

10/30/09 - Massive High-Grade Copper-Zinc Mineralization At Bolivar, "...Read more".

10/29/09 - New Gold Acquisition In Pinos District, "...Read more".

10/28/09 - Stepout Drilling Begins At Promontorio, "...Read more".

10/28/09 - Brazauro to Acquire çgua Branca Property, "...

10/27/09 - Agreement For Mineral Exploration of Rio Negro, "...Read more".

10/26/09 - Sales Of Concentrates From Cerros las Minitas Project, "...Read more".

10/23/09 - Positive Drilling Results At San Miguel Deposit, "...Read more".

10/22/09 - Renewal of the Penoles Lease Agreement, "...Read more".

10/21/09 - MAG Silver Discovers High Grade Molybdenum With Gold at Cinco De Mayo, "...Read more".

10/20/09 - First NI 43-101 Compliant Resource For La Bolsa Property, "...Read more".

10/16/09 - Highlights Of Pinguino Project Developments, "...Read more".

10/15/09 - Great Panther Discovers And Develops 3 New Zones, "...Read more".

10/14/09 - Great Panther Increases Production, "...Read more".

10/14/09 - Preliminary Assessment Results for Volta Grande Gold Project, "...Read more".

10/13/09 - Candente Secures Upside Potential On El Oro, "...Read more".

10/12/09 - Positive Production Decision At Noche Buena, "...Read more".

10/12/09 - Delineation Drilling Continues On La Preciosa Project, "...Read more".

10/12/09 - Commencement of Phase Three Drill Program At Joaquin, "...Read more". 

10/08/09 - Full Commissioning Of Ocampo Expansion Program, "...Read more".

10/08/09 - Mineral Resource Estimate for Pinguino, "...Read more".

10/07/09 - New Gold Acquisition In Pinos District, "...Read more".

10/07/09 - Yale Reports Gold And Silver Results From Orofino, "...Read more".

10/07/09 - Phase II Exploration At San Pedro Analco Mine, "...Read more".

10/02/09 - Exploration at La Cigarra Silver Project, "...Read more".

10/01/09 - First NI 43-101 Compliant Resource For La Bolsa Property, "...Read more".

09/30/09 - New Gold Discovery At Cubiro At Pinos Altos, "...Read more".

09/28/09 - Geological Work Commences on Coneto Silver-Gold Project, "...Read more".

09/25/09 - Capital Gold Corporation Begins Construction of Additional Leach Pad, "...Read more".

09/23/09 - Delineation Drilling by Pan American Confirms Orko Results, "...Read more".

09/22/09 - New High Grade Surface Gold Discovered, "...Read more".

09/16/09 - Silver Wheaton Acquires Mine Silver Production, "...Read more".

09/09/09 - Capstone Acquires Additional Mineral Claims Adjacent to Cozamin Copper Mine, "...Read more".

09/03/09 - High Grade Silver-Gold Discovery At Porvenir Cuatro, "...Read more".

08/28/09 - Prefeasibility Study Update on Lindero Oxide Gold Deposit, "...Read more".

08/25/09 - Successful Commissioning Of The Dolores Mines, "...Read more".

08/24/09 - Farallon Announces Positive Cash Flow From G-9 Mining Operations, "...Read more". 

08/20/09 - Gammon Reported Preliminary Operating Results, "...Read more".

08/19/09 - Frijolar II Underground Sampling Completed, "...

08/18/09 - Galway Secures Land Position In Colombia Gold Trend, "...Read more".

08/14/09 - Definitive Agreement on Woodjam "North" Gold-Copper Project, "...Read more".

08/10/09 - Endeavour Silver Reports Production for Second Quarter, "...Read more".

08/07/09 - Additional Drilling Completed At Tocantinzinho Gold Project, "...Read more".

08/04/09 - Major Engineering Studies At Choco 10 and San Rafael/El Placer (SREP),"...Read more".

08/01/09 - Antofagast Reported On Chilean Operations, "...Read more".

07/31/09 - Minera Andes Reported On San JosŽ Mine Production, "...Read more".

07/30/09 - New Mineralization Discovered At La Bolsa, "...Read more".

07/27/09 - Penasquito Mine Achieves Mechanical Completion, "...Read more".

07/24/09 - Positive Results From Sierra Gorda Scoping Study, "...Read more".

07/24/09 - Discovery Of New Zone At La Bodega, "...Read more".

07/23/09 - High Grade Silver From The La Negra Zone At Joaquin, "...Read more".

07/22/09 - First Mineral Resource Estimate For Cata Clavo Zone, "...Read more". 

07/20/09 - Historic Resources on the El Oro Gold-Silver Project, "...Read more". 

07/17/09 - Breccia Ridge Underground Pre-Feasibility Study, "...Read more".  

07/17/09 - Minefinders Reports Second Quarter Production, "...

07/16/09 - Farallon Ships Zinc Concentrates to Canadian Smelter, "...Read more".

07/15/09 - Gold Production Increases 96%, "...Read more".

07/14/09 - Drill Results Extend Morocha Silver Zone, "...

07/08/09 - Endeavour Acquires El Cuatro Properties, "...Read more".

07/07/09 - Comprehensive Drilling and Development Program at "La Preciosa", "...Read more".

07/06/09 - Uruguay Mineral’s Gold Production For 2009 , "...Read more".

07/03/09 - Agreement On Project In Argentina, "...Read more".

07/02/09 - Golden Peaks Resources Ltd. - Baseline report received, "...Read more".

07/01/09 - Surface Trenching Of Nancy Vein Yields Excellent Results, "...Read more".

06/30/09 - Southern Energy Acquiring Gold Projects, "...Read more".

06/25/09 - Ecuador Signs Copper Development Deal With Codelco, "...Read more".

06/23/09 - Silver Dragon Signs Toll-Mill Agreement, "...

06/22/09 - Northair Receives Encouragement At La Cigarra Silver Project, "...Read more".

06/19/09 - Solitaire Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Interest In Peruvian Properties, "...Read more".

06/17/09 - Exploration At Cordero Discovers New Zone, "...

06/12/09 - Southern Energy Reports On The Condoryacu Property, "...Read more".

06/11/09 - Completion Of Ni 43-101 Technical Report, "...

06/08/09 - Expansion Continues At Paititi-Buriti, San Simon Project, "...Read more".

05/25/09 - Solex Resources Receives Very Positive Metallurgical Test Results, "...Read more". 

05/21/09 - Gitennes To Acquire 100% Ownership Of Tucumachay, "...Read more".

05/20/09 - Minera Andes Reports First Quarter Results, "...Read more".

05/19/09 - Great Panther Develops Gold Rich Vein at Topia Mine, "...Read more".

05/15/09 - Barrick Reports Go-Ahead of Pascua-Lama, "...Read more".

05/14/09 - Sale of Casposo Project Completed, "...Read more".

05/13/09 - Mineral Resource for Las Animas Massive Sulphide Project, "...Read more".

05/12/09 - Commercial Production Achieved At Its Dolores Mine, "...Read more".

05/11/09 - More High Grade Gold and Silver Results at Las Bolas, "...Read more".

05/11/09 - High Priority Drill Targets Identified, "...Read more".

05/08/09 - Fieldwork Discovers 12 New Mineralized Veins, "...Read more".

05/08/09 - San Jose Mine First Quarter Production, "...Read more".

05/07/09 - Encouraging Sample Results at La Cigarra Silver Project, "...Read more".

05/06/09 - Yale Options Out The Urique Project, "...Read more".

05/05/09 - Positive Feasibility Study for El Pilar Copper Project, "...Read more".

05/01/09 - Higher Gold Values at La Verde, "...Read more".

04/30/09 - Farallon Reports First Quarter Production Results, "...

04/30/09 - Yale and EXMIN Sign Formal Agreement For Urique, "...Read more". 

04/29/09 - Royal Gold to Acquire Interest in the Gold Production from Andacollo, "...Read more". 

04/28/09 - Minera Andes Announces New Discovery, "...Read more".

04/27/09 - Widest Silver Intersection At El Gallo, "...Read more".

04/27/09 - Uruguay Mineral Exploration Increased Gold Production, ..."Read  more".

04/24/09 - International Northair Acquires Silver Property, "...

04/24/09 - San Agustin's Resources Increase Exposure to Silver and Gold, "...Read more".

04/23/09 - Pan American Settles Strike At Morococha Mine,"...Read more".

04/23/09 - Golden Peaks Terminates Cerro Delta Option, "...Read more".

04/21/09 - Detailed Work Commences At El Colorado, Mexico, "...Read more".

04/20/09 - Joint Venture to Develop La Preciosa, "...Read more".

04/20/09 - Sampling Program at Las Bolas Yields High Grade Gold, "...Read more". 

04/20/09 - SilverCrest Mines Inc. Revises Letter, "...

04/17/09 - Gitennes provides update on Urumalqui Project, Peru, "...Read more". 

04/17/09 - Drilling Update At The Poncha Gold Project, "...Read more".

04/16/09 - Farallon Announces Commercial Production at G-9 Mine, "...Read more".

04/13/09 - SilverCrest Mines Obtains Development Financing, "...Read more".

04/09/09 - Ecuador Government Lifts Suspensions Of Mining Activities, "...Read more".

04/07/09 - Production Startup and First Pour at New Palmarejo Mine, "...Read more".

04/06/09 - Technical Report On Los Azules Deposit, "...Read more".

04/06/09 - Fresnillo Starts Drilling At La India Project, "...Read more".

04/03/09 - Silver-Equivalent Reserves/pages Increase 24% Over Last Year, "...Read more".

04/03/09 - First Silver Concentrate Produced at San Vicente's Facility, "...Read more".

03/31/09 - EXMIN To Sell It’s Moris Mine Interest, "...Read more".

03/31-09 - El Gallo Returns Deepest High-Grade Intercept 20.8 opt Silver Over 14.3 ft, "...Read more".

03/30/09 - Centurion Signs Property Option Agreement , "...Read more".

03/30/09 - Phase III Drilling Completed At Maguarichic, "...Read more".

03/27/09 - Pan American Silver Inaugurates Its Manantial Espejo Silver and Gold Mine, "...Read more".

03/24/09 - Four Core Holes Intersect Significant High-Grade, "...Read more".

03/23/09 - La Fortuna Reporst Expansion And New Discoveries, "...Read more".

03/20/09 - Great Panther Exceeds 2008 Production Target with Record-Breaking Fourth Quarter, "...Read more".

03/20/09 - Endeavour Silver Reports Exploration Review and Outlook, "...Read more".

03/17/09 - Pan American Silver Replaces Proven and Probable Silver Reserves, "...Read more".

03/16/09 - EXMIN Signs Letter of Agreement to Sell Urique Project, "...Read more".

03/13/09 - Silver Standard Updates Pirquitas Project, "...Read more".

03/09/09 - Duran Reports Pasacancha Hole 4B Results, "...Read more".

03/07/09 - Yale Discovers Silver-Lead Targets at Dos Naciones, "...Read more".

03/02/09 - Silver Standard Resources Inc.: San Agustin Option Expires, "...Read more".

02/26/09 - Yale Discovers New Target at La Verde, "...Read more".

02/23/09 - Duran Reports Pasacancha Hole 4B Results, "...Read more".

02/13/09 - Great Panther Exceeds 2008 Production Target with Record-Breaking Fourth Quarter, "...Read more".

02/11/09 - Operational Update on the G-9 Mine, "...Read more".

02/06/09 - Andina Granted Environmental Impact Declaration for Volcan Gold Project, "...Read more".

02/03/09 - Gold/Silver Production Increases, "...Read more".

01/30/09 - Pan American Silver Announces First Silver Poured at Manantial Espejo, "...Read more".

01/29/09 - Rusoro Reports Record Gold Production, "...Read more".

01/28/09 - High-Grade Drilling Results On Bongar Zinc Project, "...Read more".

01/27/09 - Eaglecrest Samples 16.2 Grams Per Tonne Gold on Surface, "...Read more".

01/26/09 - New Gold Places the Amapari Mine on Temporary Care and Maintenance, "...Read more".

01/23/09 - Positive Drill Results At Aquila Target, "...Read more".

01/21/09 - Tunnel Extension Reaches Aguilar Vein, "...Read more".

01/20/09 - First Phase Program Commences At Zacatecas, "...Read more".







01/16/09 - Record Gold Production At El Chanate, "...Read more".

01/14/09 - JV To Restructure Dominican Exploration Agreement, "...Read more".

01/12/09 - Nayarit Intersects 24.51 Metres Of 16.65 g/t Gold Equivalent, "...Read more".

01/09/08 - Two New High-Grade Areas Discovered At El Gallo, "...Read more".

01/08/09 - New Gold Places the Amapari Mine on Temporary Care and Maintenance, "...Read more".

01/08/09 - Lindero Property Update, "...Read more".

01/07/09 - San Luis Gold Resources Increase by 31%, "...Read more".

01/06/09 - Rusoro Reports Record Gold Production, "...Read more".

01/05/09 - Gold Resource Corporation and Hochschild Mining Form Strategic Alliance, "...Read more".

01/05/09 - Gitennes Reports On Progress At The Urumalqui Project, "...Read more".

01/02/09 - Agnico-Eagle Completes Purchase Of Surface Rights, "...Read more".