Restart Progress Of Revenue Virginius Mine With First Ore Through the Mill

VANCOUVER - Aurcana Silver Corporation reported on the restart activities of the Revenue Virginius Mine in Ouray, Colorado. The processing plant initiated commissioning with development ore, which is an important milestone in the restart of full operations, with stope ore to be processed in the near future. The Company plans to continue to ramp up to the full production rate of 270 short tons per day. In addition the Company reported that initial assay results from the 1800 drift level show an average undiluted grade over 78 feet of drift of 54.0 (33.9 diluted to a minimum mining width of 1.5 ft) ounces per ton silver equivalent (AgEq)1 per short ton (ST). The actual measured vein width in this area is 1.19ft as compared to the modeled vein width for the same 78 feet of 0.23 feet and an undiluted grade of 26.9 (4.2 diluted to a minimum mining width of 1.5 ft) AgEq1/ST over for the same drift section. Assay data lags actual development and the Company looks forward to reporting more assay results in the near future, but visual inspections each shift indicate that this strong mineralization continues. Concentrate shipments are anticipated to begin in September.

Kevin Drover, President and CEO, said, “These additional assay results – 15 feet below the first mining stope – which confirm the mineralization is as we expected is the key data validation point we needed to confirm that we can be successful. Mining productivity at the face has been strong and we have some of the best miners in the business working for us. While some logistics issues related to movement of ore and waste in the same underground area slowed our initial development in opening up the production stopes, these short term delays are resolvable as the stope is opened to its full length. With this grade confirmation in hand, the processing plant now moving into commissioning, and with logistics improving rapidly as the first production stope expands both north and south, we are very confident of a successful restart.”