Reconnaissance Conducted On The Loner Property

VANCOUVER - Victory Resources Corporation reported that the Company's project geologist and driller have conducted their reconnaissance toward the Company's anticipated 500m short hole drill program on the Company's recently optioned Loner Property in Nevada as previously announced, permit depending.

The project geologist and the driller did a reconnaissance of the Loner site recently and determined that the access was adequate to mobilize the drill onto the site. The options for supplying the drill with water were assessed, along with possible staging locations and other logistical concerns. The driller felt the rock would be reasonably good to drill. Overall, no serious difficulties were seen, though winter weather is always a concern.

Highlights: Victory announced filing of notice of operations toward permitting drill program; Project geologist and driller completed reconnaissance of Loner; and Options for water access, staging locations and related logistics were determined to advance to drill program pending permitting.