Solution Recirculating Has Started For Leach Process

PHOENIX, AZ - Tombstone Exploration Corporation announced in combination with Goldrock Resources Inc. and the Bonanza Mining Company that recirculation of solution started on the leach pad as 25,000 tons of crushed rock is now in place and fully stacked. Recirculation is the first step to starting leaching. Recirculation of water is required to start building protective alkalinity and check the pumps and equipment to ensure proper long-term operation. Approximately 150 gallons per minute is being recirculated. The next step will be to start circulating water within the 25,000 tons of crushed and stacked leach pad material. Water is required to saturate the heap leach pad material and allow flow through the heap material similar to water through coffee grounds. Piping and irrigation drippers are currently being installed from previously purchased material. The drippers will be installed on the top of stacked material over the next couple of days. It may take several days for solution to saturate the heap and flow out the bottom. Upon saturating the leach pad material with water, along with a good recirculation flow rate maintained and protective alkalinity being maintained, cyanide will then be added and leaching of gold will start. An additional 475,000 tons of mined rock will continue to be loaded on the pad over the coming months.

Alan Brown, President & CEO, said, “This is a milestone event as we are starting to add solution to the heap and gold & silver production should follow in a relatively short time.”

The Bonanza Mine property includes the Harquahala and Golden Eagle mines, located approximately eight miles south of Salome, Arizona. The project totals 2,656 acres and has significant underground workings.  Once leaching has started, periodic delivery of the carbon to the designated gold processing facility is expected and we have fully committed processing and gold refiners in place.