Updates On Opemiska Drill Program

TORONTO - QC Copper and Gold Inc. reported that its drill program on the Opemiska is well underway. Drilling is progressing quickly, and Company has implement its QA/QC protocols and operating procedures for core logging, cutting and sampling. Drill core shipments to the assay laboratory are scheduled and the Company will get his results to shareholders as quickly as practical. Holes have been completed with a total of 2,196m drilled.  Drilling is on-going on 24 hour, 7 days a week basis with an average of over 110m of drilling per period of 24 hours.

"Drilling progress is extremely fast and geology is as expected with known veins appearing where predicted on our model and surrounded by haloes of lower grade mineralization. Additionally, new and previously unknown and unmined narrower veins are also present.  Holes are stopped where they intersect stopes, and are within a couple of metres of the expected locations within our model.  This implies that our digitization and wire-framing are very accurate," said Charles Beaudry, VP Exploration and Director.

Oriented core technology is being used to obtain the 3D orientation of veins and fault structures to complement variogram studies and eventually to aid in interpolating grades for the resource estimation once the drilling is completed. This 20,000m drill program will include 75 drill holes to be distributed between the Opemiska Project's Springer and Perry mines, with the objective of delineating a near surface, in-pit mineral resource. Many of the planned holes are twins of old surface collared mine holes, to confirm the historical mine assays but also to provide infill sampling because of limited historical sampling due to the mine's focus on high grade veins.

The Company is operating its drill program with strict protocols to prevent any outbreaks to ensure the safety of our staff and the communities which surround our project.  To this end all our personnel are being tested for Covid-19 prior to traveling to the project.