Property Expansion Targeting Lithium Clay Deposits At Silver Peak

VANCOUVER - Nickel Rock Resources Inc. reported the expansion of its Clayton Valley, Esmeralda County, Nevada lithium property holdings by the staking of additional lithium exploration claims that add to its overall lithium exploration land package which is directly adjoining a western portion of neighboring lithium producer Albemarle's lithium evaporation ponds.  The new ground adjoins the previous property position to the north and west and significantly expands the Company's land position in the area. The new claim block consists of 41 lode claims covering about 847 acres (343 Ha.) bringing the Clayton Valley land package to 2,300 acres (930 Ha.).  

The new lithium exploration claims are directed at potential lithium bearing clay deposits within lake sediments and ash beds reported in rough drillers logs of historic water quality monitoring wells on file with the Nevada State Engineers office (permit #66034A). The clay layers encountered in these wells are beneath gravel and alluvial cover and do not form obvious outcrops.  Additionally, the claims cover likely concealed faults shown in geophysical studies conducted by Sierra Geothermal Power Corporation in the 2008- 2010, which the Company believes to be important in the formation of lithium-bearing clays.

Currently known on the Nickel Rock claims are various geothermal features like tufa (hot spring limestone carbonate formations) and sinters (sedimentary rock formations primarily composed of silica precipitated from hot waters) representing locations of upwelling hydrothermal fluids that may play a role in the formation of lithium rich clay deposits. Clayton Valley has several known occurrences of lithium bearing clays and tuffs as documented by academic publications and recent drill results released by others.

Robert Setter, President & CEO, said, "It is apparent that lithium extraction in Clayton Valley from both lithium brine and lithium clays is fast becoming a reality and Nickel Rock needs to be part of that reality.  In the months ahead, we will complete our first reconnaissance drilling campaign to evaluate the potential for lithium bearing brines as well as lithium bearing clays which is significant for our shareholders.  We are excited to begin this journey on the property."