High Grade Surface Samples To Further Extend The Mineralized Trend At Silver Strand Mine

VANCOUVER - Lakewood Exploration reported on surface sampling and exploration activities at the past-producing Silver Strand Mine located in the Coeur d’Alene Mining District of Idaho. Highlights from the sampling program include: 11.79 grams per tonne (g/t) gold one kilometer (km) beyond the previously sampled area; 255 g/t silver along 5.5 km mineralized trend; and Strong indications of multiple sub-parallel veins.

The Company recently completed additional claim staking along the Osburn Fault-Burnt Cabin Fault Zone expanding the property from 60 claims to a total of 70 claims. Consulting geologists, Childs Geoscience are currently mapping and reconnaissance sampling the northwestern part of the Silver Strand property. Forty-one samples were collected along road cuts and logging trails revealing stratigraphic contacts, faults, widespread alteration and in places mineralized quartz veins and silicified Revett quartzite. Regionally, this thick sequence of quartzites and siltites strike northwest and dip to the northeast. Gold values ranged from less than detectable to a high of 11.79 g/t gold (Au), averaging 1.33 g/t Au. Silver values from the recent sampling ranged from a low of 1.71 g/t silver (Ag) to a high of 34.29 g/t Ag, averaging 5.48 g/t Ag. One of the better rock chip samples, PN614064, collected near the Burnt Cabin Mine reported 7.23 g/t Au and 7.54 g/t Ag. Another highly anomalous zone, central to the property position, sampled a one meter wide quartz-limonite vein, reporting 5.04 g/t Au and 6.17 g/t Ag.

The on-going surface work is being conducted from the Silver Strand mine through the Burnt Cabin Mine and up to 1 km beyond. This exploration work is examining areas that have not previously been explored due to the previously fractured ownership of the land package. Work is also continuing around the Silver Strand mine in support of drilling which is planned for the end of summer.

President, Morgan Lekstrom, said, “We are very excited with these results which confirm widespread alteration and gold-silver mineralization throughout the property and along the 5.5 km strike. The recent work has also identified multiple sub-parallel veins to the past producing Silver Strand Mine. With drilling of Silver Strand expected to commence toward the end of summer, these results will help inform future exploration plans and step-outs from the historic mine.” We have also scheduled an airborne geophysical (magnetics) survey of the Silver Strand property using modern drone technology to provide more detail than previously available.