Deliverance Trench At The Stony Lake Project

VANCOUVER - K9 Gold Corp. reported highly encouraging results from its recent trenching program. The company has also applied for a permit to increase its current drilling program from 5000m to 10,000m. At the Deliverance trench, in the centre of the property approximately 15 km SW of Jumper's Pond, a 10m wide zone of moderate to intense oxidation was uncovered. One major vein system was encountered with several parallel minor veins also. Where exposed, the main vein varies from 0.10m to 0.25m wide, with crustiform/ginguro to sheeted quartz veining. The vein exhibits intense FeO oxidation and clay alteration, with 5-10% pyrite. The vein trends at 128° and dips at -68° SW. A series of chip samples was taken across a 5.4m zone on the top of the outcrop, perpendicular to the main vein, as well as one 4.0m composite sample collected along the strike of the vein. The samples were analyzed at Eastern Analytical in Springdale, NL, using the ICP-OES method after a four acid digestion, with fire assays for Au. The Company has also applied for approval for an additional 5,000 meters of diamond drilling in the Jumper's Pond area of the project.

Jeff Poloni, CEO, said, "The importance of the Deliverance discovery cannot be overstated, with it striking NW it seems to be a splay off a 6 km long NE structure. Similar parallel signatures occur at both Twin Ponds and Moonlight indicating excellent potential for additional discoveries."