Restart At South Carolina Aluminum Smelter

CHICAGO, IL - Century Aluminum, reported the restarting and jobs announcement at its Mt. Holly, South Carolina smelter. With a significant capital investment, the Mt. Holly smelter is in the process of increasing production capacity and creating a substantial number of high paying jobs.

Century’s Mt. Holly aluminum smelter has a production capacity of 229,000 metric tonnes of aluminum per year. Mt. Holly is the most advanced plant of its kind in the United States, a pacesetter in production efficiency, energy utilization and environmental protection.

The smelter contains casting equipment used to cast molten aluminum into standard-grade ingot, HDC ingot, extrusion billet and other value-added primary aluminum products. Value-added primary aluminum products are sold at a premium to standard-grade primary aluminum.

The Mt. Holly plant has become an industry leader in production efficiency, energy utilization and environmental control, and proudly holds the title of the first primary aluminum plant in the world to be registered completely to the ISO 9001 Quality System Standard.