Edwards Creek Valley Added To Growing List of Mineral Claims

VANCOUVER - Ameriwest Lithium Inc. has staked 847 placer mineral claims covering an area of 16,940 acres in the Edward’s Creek Valley, Nevada (ECV). Ameriwest has effectively tied up the entire valley, an area roughly 8.25 miles long and 3.25 miles wide in size. The Company believes the mineral claims are highly prospective for the discovery of lithium brines deposits.

David Watkinson, President and CEO, said, “ECV exhibits similar geologic characteristics of the Clayton Valley, which contains North America’s only operating lithium mine, which is operated by Albemarle Corporation. Ameriwest’s technical team has recognized the potential of the valley and the Property as a likely host for lithium brine deposits, and we are excited to move forward with a geophysics study to achieve an understanding of the subsurface possibilities for lithium brines that may be hosted in various aquifers.”

ECV is a playa in a hydrologically closed basin in north central Nevada. Previous work by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) found anomalous concentrations of lithium in the playa. The Property has been characterized to contain saline alkaline fluids at depth and there is direct geothermal fluid input into the basin with geothermal energy production potential.