Progress At The 8 Brothers Mine  

CARSON CITY, NV - Mexus Gold U.S. CEO Paul Thompson said "that after reviewing drill holes results Mexus is expanding the footprint of its Ocho Hermanos pit. In doing so Mexus will enlarge its water diversion channel to the west. This work has already begun and is expected to take approximately 30 days. Mexus is preparing the Ocho Hermanos (8 Brothers) for the upcoming raining season." Thompson went on to say, "After meetings with Carey Butch Wylie and consultants in Mexico that for security reasons Mexus intends to modify its recovery equipment in Mexico to produce a concentrate. This concentrate will be shipped to the U.S.A. where it can be sold on the world market or refined into bullion. Mexus is negotiating with potential purchasers for the sale of this product."

Mine construction and recovery equipment is en route to Caborca, Mexico. Delivery is expected to be completed by May 1, 2011. Our first goal is to install our placer equipment and commence placer mining by late May 2011. Mexus is currently waiting on the weather to resume our cable recovery in Alaska. Meanwhile Mexus is and has been working on other potential sites of recovery to include Washington and Oregon in the U.S. The company's address is 1805 N. Carson St., #150 Carson City NV 89701.