Progress at San Gonzalo and Guadalupe 

VANCOUVER, BC - Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. reported progress at the San Gonzalo and Guadalupe deposits at the Avino property, located 82 Km North East of Durango, Mexico.

Avino's regional drilling program is continuing and so far this year 44 holes have been drilled for a total of approximately 5000 meters. The holes have explored several different targets: San Gonzalo (11 holes), Guadalupe (13 holes), San Juventino (3 holes), San Lucero (5 holes), Mercedes (1 hole), San Jorge (3 holes), Yolanda (2 holes). The drill is currently on the fourth hole at La Postosina.

Avino has drilled a further 8 holes (GPE 11-03 through GPE-11-12) at Guadalupe as a follow up to significant intersections in holes GPE 11-01 and GPE 11-02. Holes are drilled using Avino's own Long year 44 core rig at thin wall NQ diameter. Core is sawed at Avino's core storage facility at the secure mine site. Samples of vein material, usually from a few centimeters to 1.5m, are placed in plastic bags. The sealed sample bags are delivered by Avino personnel to Inspectorate Labs in Durango, Mexico. The company's address is Suite 900, 570 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 3P1, (604) 682-3701, fax: (604) 682-3600.