New Mining Software Provider; Reunites Industry Leading Team

TUCSON, AZ - Fred Banfield, widely regarded as one of the pioneers of the mining technology industry, and Susan Wick, his long-term business partner and renowned executive, reported the formation of Eclipse Mining Technologies, a new technology provider company for the mining industry.
“We have the unique opportunity to be able to create solutions built taking full advantage of the latest technologies available, which is only possible by not having the constraints of existing legacy technology. The experience we gained in the 40+ years that we have been servicing the mining community, give us a very good understanding of the challenges they face,” said Banfield, who is a Daniel C. Jackling Award recipient as well as an American Mining Hall of Fame inductee and Chairman of Eclipse Mining.
Susan Wick, CEO, said, “That after a period of research and open discussions with industry professionals, we concluded that the industry is in need of a brand-new proposition. With years of experience and input from our industry friends, we have put thousands of man hours into designing a platform and applications that will advance the industry software standards.”
Partnered with experienced professionals that include Rudy Moctezuma, Alyson Cartwright, Erik Johnson and Karin Boan, their product will be released in 2020 and they will spend the upcoming months meeting with their client base to share more details about their vision and discuss collaboration opportunities.
The company creates ever evolving mining software applications, built for the future, pragmatic, unburdened by legacy limitations, easily integrated with existing systems and supported by a dedicated team with real mining experience.
For more information contact: (520) 499-1298, Email: [email protected],