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Leach Testwork Program Commences Processing of Mexico Mine Tailings

VANCOUVER, BC - Candente Gold Corp. has commenced leach extraction testwork at McClelland Laboratories, Inc. in Sparks, Nevada for Candente Gold's Mexico Mine Tailings Recovery Operation (MMTRO) located in El Oro, Mexico.

This testwork program will evaluate the potential for leach extraction of gold and silver from representative samples collected from the Mexico tailings during the 2014 Auger Sampling program. A key aspect of this leach testwork program is that the Mexico tails will be subjected to additional grinding prior to leaching. Testwork completed by previous owners in the 1980s indicated that additional grinding of the tails may significantly improve precious metal recoveries. This testwork will also include additional metallurgical and mineralogical characterization of the Mexico tails, which will assist in optimizing recovery strategy. The leach extraction testwork program currently underway will take approximately five weeks to complete.

Leach extraction technology is one of the most commonly applied technologies globally for gold and silver extraction and recovery.

The Company has decided not to pursue the previously announced processing agreement for gravity recovery of gold and silver from the Mexico tailings. Pilot plant testwork was successful in recovering gold and silver; however, the recoveries were variable and in Management's view not sufficient to justify further pilot plant operation.