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SOCIAL MEDIA AVENUES (FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKEDIN, ETC.): While our company does have registered accounts, our users security is top priority. Our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages are designed with no interaction allowed at this point. Consumer Protection Agency reported that scams on social media skyrocketed by 150 percent across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in 2018. And the number is likely to continue climbing as more cyber crooks see social as a fruitful target. Our users and clients security will not be compromised with these media outlets at this time. Our web security service for site provides our users information for the industry with peace of mind. is universal with complete availability through desktop, laptop and all mobile devices. It will remain our focal form for online media access to our users and clients.








  • Extended Deadline. Due to the recent acquisitions, mergers and corporate name changes, the directory will be published in May 2019. We wish to provide the most updated directory available for the industry.

    2019/2020 Western Mining Directory To Be Published May 2019.

    New Advertising Deadline is April 26, 2019.

    The Western Mining Directory has been published for over 30 years.The Directory lists over 230 mining companies, 180 mines and 360 projects and properties. The Mining Company section contains telephone numbers, websites and addresses for corporate, regional, exploration and mine offices, all principle officers, and states if the company is privately or publicly held. Mine information includes names of managers, its location, and whether it is open pit or underground, its type of recovery, product, operator, reserves, grade, mining rate, and number of employees. Mining companies and mines are also listed alphabetically and geographically. The Directory further contains information on: Suppliers to the Industry, Federal and State Agencies, Mining Organizations, Associations and Educational Institutions. The Directory  is a great companion to the Western States Mines Map. The Directory covers gold, silver, platinum, copper, molybdenum and coal mines in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.